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Our food ingredients

Our Chlorella ingredients are developed for food manufacturers wanting to enhance the nutritional value of their products with unique micronutrients from algae. Its content of complete proteins and natural nutrients makes it a plant-based superfood that supports a range of clean label and vegan claims and can be applied in a vast variety of formulations. To overcome the inherent challenges algae has traditionally faced as a food ingredient, and to improve its organoleptic properties making it more applicable in various food matrices, we have rethought biology and developed more neutral tasting Chlorella in different colours. Thus, our portfolio is ideal for manufactures seeking to innovate with Chlorella-based ingredients to boost their food and beverage formulations with the best that nature can offer.


Our product portfolio offers white, green and yellow ingredients which only consist of fermented and dried Chlorella that naturally contains vitamins, minerals, fibers, protein and amino-acids. The centrepiece is our proprietary chlorophyll-free, white Chlorella ingredient, with neutral flavour and colour, enabling application in formulations that previously were out of scope for traditional algae. This whole-food ingredient packs a nutritional punch, making it a sustainable complement to soy-, pea- and wheat in a broad variety of formulations where neutral colour is desired. Typical applications include meat-, fish- and seafood analogs as well as in hybrids and conventional bakery, savoury- and dairy products seeking plant-based enrichment.


The smooth roundness and less pronounced taste of our green Chlorella empowers the use of a chlorophyll- and protein-rich ingredient in formulations where a green colour is desirable, such as drinks, smoothies and energy-bars. Our yellow Chlorella is an ingredient in which chlorophyll content has been reduced to a minimum, enabling the strong colour of carotenoids to shine through when used in different plant-based formulations.


Our natural and highly nutritious, non-GMO Chlorella ingredients are an excellent addition for any food manufacturer looking to diversify their recipes beyond soy-, pea and wheat and wanting to enhance their nutritional profile with the unique value of algae. Leveraging different coloured algae in food formulations can increase the overall quality of both your products and brand without compromising on eating quality and appearance.


White Chlorella

After two years of selective propagation, random mutagenesis and product development, we are able to offer our customers a chlorophyll-free, white Chlorella. Its neutral flavour and colour make it highly applicable as a vegan, plant-based, allergen-free and protein-rich ingredient in a wide range of formulations, from seafood & meat alternatives, bakery, dairy and savoury to nutritional beverages, confectionery and protein-bars.


A vegan, plant-based & protein-rich ingredient

This innovative ingredient is a vegan, non-GMO Clean label product that only consists of dried Chlorella algae which naturally contains vitamins, minerals, fibres, proteins, amino- and fatty acids. Its improved organoleptic properties enable its use in formulations that were previously not feasible due to Chlorella’s naturally high chlorophyll content and strong flavour. Additionally, the structures within Chlorella's amino acids deliver functional performance enabling its use as a vegan binder, emulsifier and foaming agent.    

Ingredient with an impact

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Green Chlorella

Naturally content of chlorophyll

Our green Chlorella ingredient is a true superfood, packed with nearly 10 times the healthy chlorophyll of similar green plants and crops. Despite its high chlorophyll content, it has a smooth flavour that makes it differ from most other Chlorella ingredients available on the markets today.  


Its natural content of complete proteins, chlorophyll, carotenoids, fibres, minerals and vitamins such as folic-acid, niacin and biotin makes it an excellent vegan, plant-based ingredient to be used in the development of next-generation food and beverage products for health-conscious consumers.  



food and beverage product for health 

conscious consumers


Yellow Chlorella

Our yellow Chlorella is developed to enable the strong colour of carotenoids to shine through in different plant-based formulations. Even though its chlorophyll content has been reduced to a minimum its natural nutritious values still remain stable in the ingredient.


Vibrant carotenoid colours

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Our dietary supplements

Our dietary supplements are designed to meet the stringent demands of modern, health- conscious consumers wanting high-quality algae supplements made in Europe. Our products are ideal for health brands seeking innovative algae-based supplements that are produced to the highest standards at our state-of-the-art production facilities in The Netherlands and Denmark and offered in bulk to customers worldwide.


Our supplement portfolio is based on the two most renowned and potent microalgae species available on the market today, namely Chlorella and Spirulina. Both have been consumed for generations and have well documented positive effects on health and wellbeing. The Chlorella powder and tablets that we produce are naturally rich in nutrients and contain all the essential amino acids required for a life in balance. It’s chlorophyll content is nearly 10 times higher than that of other, similar green plants, whilst the smooth flavour distinguishes our Chlorella from most other Chlorella products available on the marketplace today.


To complement our pure Chlorella powder and tablets, we have also developed an innovative range of algae tablets based on a mix of both Chlorella and Spirulina. These tablets deliver a unique nutritional profile which offer consumer benefits such as improved energy levels, a functional immune system and a regular metabolism. Additionally, the inherent cleansing properties of chlorophyll-rich Chlorella algae support the removal of harmful toxins from the body.


Chlorella & Spirulina powder

Our Chlorella powder is the foundation in our dietary supplement portfolio. It’s high quality, rich nutritional profile and smooth flavour makes this European produced Chlorella differ from most other Chlorella products available on the dietary supplement markets today.  


Chlorella & Spirulina tablets

Our Chlorella tablets consist to 100% of our in-house produced Chlorella powder, which is compressed into small, easy to swallow 250mg tablets. The nutritional content and inherent cleansing properties of our chlorophyll-rich Chlorella makes the tablets highly suitable for any health brand seeking European produced tablets made to the highest strandards.


Fytomix complex

Our innovative Chlorella and Spirulina mixed tablets delivers the unique nutritional profile of the two most consumed microalgae of today. These small, easy to swallow 250mg tablets are a packed nutritional punch suitable for health conscious consumers. Consuming Chlorella and Spirulina on a regular basis help to improved energy levels, a functional immune system and a regular metabolism.


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Aliga Aqtive
Dietary supplements

Aliga Aqtive is our B2C brand which is produced at our facility in northern Denmark where we only use premium-quality algae raw materials. The centrepiece in our product line is our in-house cultivated soft green Chlorella which holds a high nutritional value. Our brown seaweed Bladderwrack is harvested from the Danish coastlines and is naturally rich in iodine, which contributes to the regular production of thyroid hormones. Additionally, the natural richness of DHA and L-Lysine in our algae Omega-3 helps to maintain normal brain function and vision. The strong natural antioxidants found in our algae’s astaxanthin helps and supports to neutralise free radicals in the body. 

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Aliga Aquapaste live hatchery feed.jpg

- fresh Chlorella concentrate

For the hatchery market, we have developed Aquapaste - a fresh, high-yielding, single-species, concentrated Chlorella paste consisting of nutritious 3-6 µm sized Chlorella cells optimised for feeding rotifers and providing an ideal tank environment in Green Water applications. Its nutritional profile delivers critical protein- and vitamin nourishment which, in combination with the paste’s high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersion and great water column buoyancy, has the characteristics of fresh live microalgae.

Aquapaste live rotifer feed.png

The paste’s composition of almost purely intact cells disperses easily and remains for longer in the water column. The low number of broken cells also greatlty reduces organic waste in the culture tanks and the formation of biofilms on the water’s surface.


We cultivate our Chlorella under stringently controlled conditions that guarantee stable nutritional quality and high bio-security with no pathogens. For easy handling and product quality assurance the concentrated paste is always pre-packed in poly-nylon vacuum bags. Using insulated cool-box transportation systems, we are able to reliably supply fresh Aquapaste to hatcheries all over Europe.

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