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Naturally nutritious algae power 

Aliga Microalgae
– a leading European algae producer

We are a food-tech company based in Denmark, specializing in the development and production of microalgae products for food, feed and dietary supplement applications. Aliga strongly believes that algae have a significant part to play in the transformation of the world’s food systems, from providing healthier clean label ingredients to creating green and sustainable nutrition for humans and animals in general.


Working to this vision and focusing on the needs of manufacturers, we have developed a broad portfolio of new, innovative and high-quality algae products that are produced at our state-of-the-art production facilities in Denmark and The Netherlands for shipment to our customers in the food, feed and dietary supplement industries worldwide.


Food ingredients

Our innovative product range of white, green and yellow Chlorella ingredients enables food and beverage manufacturers to employ this sustainable plant-based superfood as a functional and protein-rich ingredient in a broad variety of plant-based meat & seafood alternatives, bakery, savoury, confectionary, dairy as well as hybrid-meat- and functional beverages formulations.


Dietary supplements

Our innovative dietary supplement product portfolio focuses on the natural and nutritious substances within algae that help to support human health and wellbeing. Our products are ideal for health brands seeking innovative algae-based supplements that are produced to the highest European standards and offered in bulk to customers worldwide.

Aquapaste live algaefeed


Our fresh Chlorella concentrated paste is a high performance, live aquafeed consisting of nutritious whole Chlorella cells developed for aquafarm’s hatcheries to optimise rotifer growth as well as providing an ideal tank environment in Green Water applications. 

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