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Our cutting-edge Research & Development team consists of highly skilled specialists with backgrounds in microalgae & plant biotechnology, molecular biology, strain selection and plant genetics. As an innovator and developer of high-quality algae ingredients the company’s philosophy is underpinned by open innovation and close collaboration. Since the founding of the company, our R&D team has collaborated closely with some of Europe’s leading universities and food research institutes where joint effort has resulted in new innovative products for the food and supplement industries.   


Through research, selective propagation and random mutagenesis the team has developed a Chlorella strain that is free of chlorophyll which enables the production of an ingredient containing the nutritional true Clean label properties of Chlorella, yet with a white colour and neutral flavour. This ingredient enables food and beverage producers to apply protein-rich algae in formulations that were inaccessible to previous generations of Chlorella, such as savoury, bakery, confectionery and dairy. It also enables the development of new meat and seafood analogue products where the high protein content and unique functionalities of Chlorella ingredients can be applied.    



Our state-of-the-art production facilities in Denmark and the Netherlands makes us one of the largest heterotrophic Chlorella algae producer in Europe with world-class manufacturing processes. To ensure reliable production our sealed and fully controlled fermenters operate under a continuous regime, producing consistent high-quality batch after batch. To prevent any risk of waterborne pathogens and other contaminants entering our cultivation process, we only use filtered, demineralized water and axenic Chlorella master cultures. These cultivation procedures, in combination with our harvesting and drying processes, guarantees that premium quality ingredients and products are being produced the highest standards.


All our Chlorella are cultivated, processed and packaged in accordance with stringent protocols conforming to our Quality Management and Assurance Systems. They enable us to guarantee that every bag produced, packed and shipped from our production facility contains pure, natural algae with a stable nutritional profile and no traces of herbicides or heavy metals. 

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We strive to be a preferred supplier to our customers through the reliable supply of the best algae ingredients available on the market. Therefore, quality assurance and controls are integrated in all steps of our production value chain, from strain selections, media optimization and cultivation processes all the way to harvesting, processing, packaging and shipping of the products. The efficiency of our management systems is subject to regular external audits and our microalgae production complies with Danish and EU legislation for food production under control of the Danish Veterinary & Food Administration.

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We know that food manufacturers have the highest requirements when it comes to reducing environmental impact, both in their own manufacturing processes as well as the impact from the ingredients incorporated in their recipes. We are proud to say that sustainability is an integrated part of our daily operations given algae is one of the most sustainable crops that can be cultivated today. 


Through the heterotrophic production processes in our fermenters we are able to minimise emissions to as low as <1kg of CO2 per kg biomass cultivated, making our chlorella a highly environmentally friendly food ingredient.


Furthermore, the production of our Chlorella in fermenters on industrial land provides a sustainable alternative to plant-based crops like soy, pea and pulses that are traditionally produced on agricultural land. Thus our ingredients are suitable to replace or complement traditional agriculturally-derived ingredients which are often characterised by a high environmental footprint, significant water consumption and vast land usage.

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Strains & regulations

At Aliga Microalgae we cultivate Chlorella strains that are safe for human and animal consumption. Both our green and white Chlorella are based on the strain Chlorella Sorokiniana which is approved and listed as a non-novel food in the EU Novel Food Catalogue.   


Our chlorophyll-free white Chlorella has been developed through random mutagenesis and is manufactured by conventional production processes, thus classified as a non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO). The algae doesn’t fall under the scope of Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 and (EC) 1830/2003 hence it doesn’t require labelling as a GMO, either as a food or feed ingredient or when incorporated into final products. 


The algae strains used in our dietary supplement product line are also deemed safe for human consumption as food supplements. Our Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is harvested from the Danish coastlines and has been consumed as a nutritious seaweed for centuries, thus classified as non-novel food in the EU. Our astaxanthin-rich oleoresin derives from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis which is cultivated in Iceland and authorised as a novel food by Regulation (EC) No 258/97. Our vegan Omega-3 supplement is based on the ingredient AvailOm 50 High DHA Algae which is derived from the algae Schizochytrium sp, that is novel food approved according to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.    

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