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  • David Erlandsson

Aliga exhibited at FoodExpo Denmark

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

At the end of March 2022 Aliga exhibited at the Danish trade-show FoodExpo in Herning, where the company introduced its newly developed white Chlorella ingredient for the Danish food & beverage industry as well as promoted its Aliga Aqtive supplement brand to Danish retailers.

White Chlorella ingredient

Since 2019 we have been asked by our Danish customers if we could produce and supply a white Chlorella ingredient as a complement to our green Chlorella. We where therefore very proud to introduced this ingredient to the Danish market at FoodExpos its improved organoleptic properties enables application in food & beverage formulations that previously wasn't possible due to Chlorella's natural high content of chlorophyll and strong algae flavour.

Aliga Aqtive - Dietary Supplement

Since its introduction on the Danish dietary supplement markets in 2021, our product line Aliga Aqtive has gained a lot of attention due to its uniqueness of focusing purely on the active substances from algae. At FoodExpo we got the opportunity to meet several of our existing retailers as well as introducing our products to new ones seeing the need for natural algae based supplements in their shops.

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