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Aliga purchases Duplaco's micro-algae factory in the Netherlands.

On the 12th of August Aliga Microalgae purchased Duplaco’s algae production facility in the Netherlands in order to increase its production capacity of Chlorella algae products for the expanding food ingredients and dietary supplement markets.

Duplaco B.V. defaulted in June 2022 leaving one of Europe’s most modern and largest microalgae production facilities behind. The facility, including IP and customer stock, was purchased by Aliga as a part of the company's scaling strategy to increase it’s production capacity and secure the supply-chain of its proprietary white Chlorella ingredient for the growing demands from manufactures of vegan-, plant- based- and analogue food products globally. Additionally, the purchase will strengthen Aliga’s position as one of the leading producers of high-quality Chlorella algae products for the European dietary supplement markets.

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